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Blue Barrington

 90 km  520 m  03:42  x7
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It was cold and grey as we assembled in Wantage Market Place where a market was setting up.

With 7 riders we split into 2 bubbles - thanks to Mike for leading bubble A.

The first part of the ride through the vale was quite quick - it needed to be in order to warm up in the fog. By the time we had passed Faringdon it had lightened a bit and there was even a brief glimpse of sunshine just after Broughton Poggs.

Barrington itself, approached from the south, was lovely enough for a quick photo stop. The road along the Windrush valley was undulating and we arrived in Burford ready for elevenses. Filkins served both bubbles well, but the next few miles along the river valley were wet, cold and a bit grim.

It brightened up as we passed the crocodile farm and, with a bit of a tail wind, we made good progress back into the vale. After Denchworth one bubble kept to the planned route, while the other, mindful of the skid pan where Denchworth Road meets Newlands Drive, went through Grove itself.

We saw bicycles aplenty, a few horses, and walkers, with and without dogs, along the way.

Overall, a good reintroduction to Sunday group riding.