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Welcome Ride - Bampton

 57 km  172 m  02:12  x16
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A fantastic turnout today, and a big welcome to Berna, riding a big blue tandem with Ben.

Today was the day we broke our all-time record for member-miles ridden in a season, helped by the retired contingent and daytime rides. Thank you to everyone who's supported the club this year and especially the volunteer ride leaders who have made it all possible.

The Market Place was eerily quiet to start with - car parking was switched off and the roads blocked for the RBL centennial parade. With such a big group we decided to split into two teams in Grove and rode out with no fuss (except Phil dropping his chain) to Bampton where a jovial time was had by all.

The Buckland climb seemed to flash by and by the time we got back to Wantage, the West End was filled with the local Rock Choir, and those left decamped to the 'Fred's Head for a swift social gathering.

A splendid late season ride, in lovely weather!