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Tuesday Morning Ride - Boars' Hill & Abingdon

 59 km  282 m  02:20  x7  x3
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Most of the usual Tuesday suspects* enjoyed a dry and almost windless ride up to the lofty peak of Boars' Hill and onward to Java in Abingdon Market Square. A short(ish) coffee stop there and some "spirited" riding from Drayton to Wantage saw us back for 1250, except for the Chris advance group (of 1) who left us at Hanney to sprint back to start work. The rest of us had drinks in hands at KAH by the time the clock struck one.

Generally it was an uneventful ride other than Chris nearly getting knocked over on Peep-O-Day Lane by a truck driver opening his door without looking.

* Slightly late appearance at the start by Rachel following a successful puncture repair sub-contract (thanks Ian!).