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Tuesday Ride - Carpenters Canteen because the flapjacks are so good

 86 km  532 m  03:35  x8  x4
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The flapjacks were as wonderful as ever at the Carpenters Canteen, and after a cool, cloudy start the sun decided to shine on us as we sat in the courtyard. We discussed the pros and cons of a new aero helmet which was being sported on the ride for the first time today (modelled by Pete in the photographs). A rather unusual art exhibition, “Concrete Castles”, was being housed in a room next to the canteen. The theme being military pillboxes.

The roads had been relatively quiet for the majority of the ride, with only one dangerous pass by an impatient driver. However, as we returned via Kingston Bagpuize and Lyford, it was evident from the number of large lorries on the route that there must have been a road closed somewhere. It transpired that an overturned lorry on the A34 had caused the disruption to the tranquillity of the latter part of our ride.

As we made the final turn at the lights out of Grove, Simon made a dash off the front of the ride. Clearly, he’d been saving his best until last. Pete, Chris and I plotted to beat him in to the Market Place. We waited behind Simon until the Sainsbury’s roundabout, before making our move. Unfortunately, the pedestrian lights thwarted our plan, and all four of us were halted. We set off again only to be foiled again at the right turn into Little Lane. In the lead here, Pete managed to make the turn before the approaching cars, as Simon and I ground to a halt. To our chagrin, and that of the driver of the oncoming car, Chris swooshed past us to make the turn.

A really enjoyable ride, followed up by a drink in the King Alfred’s Head, which we learned is under threat of being taken over by Wetherspoons.

Also learned on today’s ride:
Supermarine Road was so named because spitfires were manufactured there from 1941-44.
Children should not be allowed to play unsupervised in pub gardens.