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Welcome Ride - Abingdon

 54 km  249 m  02:14  x12
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A nippy morning didn't stop an excellent turnout, and it was fantastic to have Nick D and Andy back riding with us. John T was meant to join us at Hanney, but had succumbed to the headwind, so had to chase all the way to Abingdon. Riding was very controlled, good tight group skills on display for most of the ride.

Coffee was leisurely affair in R&R, with a few people not having been there before. Consensus was that the cakes were excellent, mixed with good service and good banter making for the perfect stop.

Starting off again, we bumped into John Boaler, back from his epic LEJOG, and looking very fit as a result. Folks peeled off at various points, and we got back to Wantage a little depleted. Fantastic company - thanks for coming out!