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Wednesday Evening Ride

42 km  x8  x1
Ride Category
Eight riders tonight - a cool evening, and just right for a decently paced ride around the Vale, without ever getting the wrong side of sociable. Many thanks to Louis for local intelligence on closed roads, so we sightly amended the route to avoid Garford. Good to see John out again after his LEL epic - two weeks on and he's still broken!

Most pleasing was to note how tight the group was, in a perfect 4*2 formation, and just close enough to benefit from the draft without being too close - well done everyone. It was also pleasing to note the response from other road users, all giving plenty of space to us, and most overtaking very sensibly - this is how it should be!

We had enough time for a swift one at the King Alfred's Head - bonus.


Morning Ride - Streatley

75 km  x5  x3
Ride Category
ONCE UPON A TIME. On a fine sunny Sunday morning the famous five set out for a intrepid adventure.

Things were going to plan until Barry had a mysterious malfunction with his steed, luckily Birthday boy Chris (happy birthday mate), with tool in hand had us all on the move in a blink of an eye, or the time it took Mike to have a comfort break. Barry had failed to tell the others that he had drank 3 coffees earlier and was off like grease lightening, sorry. Then the Col de Streatley loomed which was car free due to the road being closed to vehicles. Mike left us after the hill so the renamed Fantastic Four carried onto the coffee stop at Vicars game. Nice coffee, no cake!!!. A rolling ride home via Compton saw the Birthday boy head home, hopefully not to tired to blow out all those candles.. The Three Musketeers then headed for Chain Hill and home. Thanks to all. THE END.

Tour de Lechlade

94 km  x2  x1  x1
Ride Category
An excellent day out on the bike for two gentlemen called Chris. Remarkably, this was the longest ride for 40 years for one of them - well done! Lunch at the Plough was unhurried and very pleasant, and it was interesting to note the three variants of RAF heavy transporters doing circuits at Brize Norton.

Lovely to see the sun back out with us again!


Wednesday Evening Ride

49 km  x4
Ride Category
It's Wednesday, I'm leading, therefore it must be raining. To be fair, the sun did make a brief appearance just as we arrived back in Wantage. A well-matched group meant we made good progress throughout, with a particularly spirited crossing from Steventon to Hanney. As the gloom was gathering, we cut-off one corner of the route, going through Bessels Leigh to Wotton rather than Cumnor. No incidents apart from an inpatient driver at the lights leaving Abingdon. Good banter throughout the ride. Thanks for sharing the front, guys.

All-day Ride - Chilton Foliat

94 km  x9  x5  x1
Ride Category
Fine day for a tour of Oxfordshire and Berkshire lumpy bits, but It didn't seem that hilly (did it?). Five of us at Wantage picked up four more at the monument near Woolley and set off South Eastwards. An attempted Café coup at Yattendon was thwarted (by virtue of it being closed) without mutiny where we turned Westwards. As lunchtime approached a little urgency was injected into the peloton and just before Chilton Foliat, Carol and Matt, escorted by Alan left us for home duties (helping young hedgehogs apparently). Alan returned to join us for a very pleasant and convivial (and quite leisurely!) lunch in the beer garden at the Wheatsheaf. Eventually we got back on the bikes and headed off in search of some more hills. We found some, after Chris left us for some more serious gradients, including the rather pleasant and peaceful Sheepdrove alternative up from Lambourn. Thank you all for your company!

Wednesday Evening Ride

40 km  x1  x1
Ride Category
It was Nicky No-Mates tonight. Not that I can blame you. Conditions were atrocious: strong, blustery wind; very slippery under-tyre; and then the rain came. I almost went home from the start but thought I should express solidarity with our Chairman's pain on LEL. So no PBs tonight. In fact no Strava tonight as I managed to leave my Garmin at home in the airing cupboard, drying out after this afternoon's drenching. So you'll just have to trust me that I did the ride. In fact, I cut it short, going through Milton Park and the road past the power station in the hope that the railway embankment would shelter me from the wind. It didn't. I guessed the Ginge loop would be unpleasant as well, so just thrashed back along the 417, which was pretty unpleasant too. Bizarrely, I had a big smile on my face when I got back to Wantage just after 8. You had to be there ...


78 km  x2  x2
Ride Category
Just two riders fancied their chances against the weather today, shamed into solidarity with John and his epic ride. Actually the morning was rather pleasant, with a number of new roads to explore and a helpful southerly wind.

Lunch at the Plough at Alvescot was as welcoming as ever, and maybe we stayed a bit longer than planned when we saw the rain outside.

The return into the wind and rain was a rather different game, and we cut the route a little short, noting that solidarity was all well and good, but...

Anyhow, the contrast in clothing approaches was interesting, with one rider fully waterproofed up from the start (and staying only just on the right side of not boiling) and one gileted up for a cool day... needless to say, one had a good morning, the other had a good afternoon, and both were glad when the ride finished!


Kingston on Thames

103 km  x4  x5
Ride Category
Four of us set out, negotiating a flooded lane near to White Waltham to get the day off to a good start. It's always nice riding past the castle at Windsor, up the hill and past all the tourists, and we even ride-bombed a local club's ride for a few hundred metres.

Morning coffee was taken Thames-side at Runnymede, but no sign of King John, or his paperwork. From there on in, it gets ever more urban, but with a certain Ride London on the go, we were treated to closed roads alongside Bushey Park. Crossing the Ride London at Hampton Court proved straightforward, and the path to Kingston was nice and quiet.

Mayhem ensued at Kingston, where crossing the road took on a whole new dimension of diversion and patience. While we waited, Carol and Zoe sped past... I'm still waiting for Strava to be able to cope with all the Flybys that happened while we waited and then took lunch on the High Street with the ride constantly streaming past.

New ground covered as we heaed back west through Surbiton (lots of discussion about The Good Life and Reginald Perrin) before another delightful but dirty Thames-side path most of the way to Chertsey, where it hammered it down for a while. Afternoon coffee (thanks Phil!) followed at Virginia Water, then we hit Millionaires Road and the bottom of Windsor Great Park. Our friendly flood was still there as we finished.

A fantastic urban cycle for the confident rider, and a very chilled day out!


Wednesday Evening Ride

44 km  x12  x1
Ride Category
An excellent turnout on quite a gloomy evening, and it was a real pleasure to welcome Terry and Jenny back, and to be joined by Hugo! Richard got a call at the start and had to abandon the ride, but after sorting the alarm out, he rode the route anyway and caught up with us at the Fox.

We had a tailwind to help all the way to Fyfield, fought it back to Fernham, and then got a gentle push back to Denchworth. Nice tight riding made it easy to drift along at a good pace, even into the headwind (as long as there were mugs on the front working hard!).


Welcome Ride - Blewbury

49 km  x15  x1
Ride Category
Our biggest ride ever! Welcome to new riders Chris, Peter, Andrew, Tracey and Jasmine on her new bike - hope you all enjoyed the ride and will join us again.

We maintained a very tidy group through the Vale and picked up the Talbot clan just outside Sutton Courtenay, wending our way around the back of Didcot power station and town centre. Savages garden centre had a fete on the go when we got there, so there was plenty of BBQ smoke, and Lyn was the only one tempted by burgers (well, the only one tempted enough to buy one!)

The clouds were gathering so we scooted off, saying farewells to the Talbots at Upton, and maintaining a decent rate along the A417 into Wantage. The rain stayed nicely contained all the way back, with just a few spots to contend with.

Thanks everyone for a very chilled ride!


Wednesday Evening Ride

49 km  x2
Ride Category
I thought that there would be three of us - me, myself and I - then Andy arrived for a great summer evening ride.

Nuff said!