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Christmas Curry


Oxford Fringe

 86 km  556 m  03:34  x2  x4
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With other commitments, work trips and illness it was a depleted peloton today. It was great to see Nick S on his first Corallian ride waiting for me at Wantage.

With the temperature at -2°C a few of the lanes out to Fyfield were a bit frosty but no real danger and I was soon impressing Nick with my knowledge of the back streets of Oxford. Elsfield hill was the first little test and with the Sun gaining altitude it was actually starting to get quite warm. The views from the road down to Forest Hill were magnificent.

The tougher test of Ladder Hill came immediately before the highly recommended Mill View Garden Centre where bacon sandwiches were consumed.

We made great progress to Sandford and over the Thames and picked up the pace through Abingdon to Steventon and back to Wantage taking turns at the front.

A really great ride, a good natter and such a good route that I will have to do it again in the summer when more riders will be able to join me :)


Winter Evening Ride

 24 km  95 m  01:08  x1
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I was expecting it to be a quiet ride, but it was too nice a night to miss the opportunity. After an hour riding around the perfectly still and clear Vale, I was plenty cold enough to appreciate The Chequers fine food and ale, and Des and Adrian for a little company. Minus 5.6. That is all.


Welcome Ride - Bampton

 52 km  236 m  02:03  x8  x1
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It appeared to be a cold murky morning, but nonetheless, 8 riders set off. Up near to the Corallian quarry, Des suffered a pothole-induced puncture, and retired from the ride.

Onwards through Clanfield, the group showed fantastic discipline in maintaining a double line, and in general it paid off with motorists respecting the group, and finding it much easier to pass a shorter group than you normally see with single lines.

Another excellent coffee stop at Bampton, with John eyeing up a full breakfast but ultimately resisting.

Buckland Hill gave Nick the KoM for the day, proving that his back is now better!


Winter Evening Ride

 48 km  x3
Ride Category
Many thanks to Des for leading while the intended leader was incapacitated.

3 riders tonight and a warm welcome to Jon on his first ride with the club.
Des led the planned route and everything went smoothly.

Autumnal Cotswolds

 86 km  540 m  03:27  x4  x6
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The rearranged Sunday ride started off in the cold on Saturday (better than cold, wet and windy, we'd decided) morning, welcoming Jez Kent for his first Corallian ride. Some of the lanes were still frosty and in a few cases, icy, as we wended our way over towards Tetbury. The colours of the trees and especially the hedgerows made for a very Autumnal experience.

For 30 minutes before our stop in Malmesbury, we had a lovely drizzle to contend with, easily fixed by a lovely breakfast by the lovely ladies at the garden centre.

After the stop, we had a mix of quiet roads and lanes, and some rather splendid road surfaces that aided progress back to the start point. Quite a delightful morning.


Winter Evening Ride

 43 km  165 m  01:49  x3
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It was dry in the Vale (unlike the other side of the Ridgeway, where the monsoon visited during the afternoon), and not particularly chilly, so we had rather a pleasant bimble around the Vale.



 75 km  898 m  03:36  x5  x4
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A nippy start, but Chain Hill soon saw the Corallians stripping off. A big bang (Dave Talboys' "tyres made from cheese" made an unwelcome return) just before West Illsley gave us an excuse to faff for a bit, followed by a second bang as the replaced tube herniated at the same hidden spot on the sidewall.

Apple Pie Hill was "enjoyed" by all, and the road down through Ashampstead to Bradfield was all but deserted, treating us to further Autumnal colour displays. A cheeky little stop at Bucklebury Farm Park wasn't as advertised, but coffee and cake hit the spot nicely, and the llamas looked on, bemused.

With only a brief stop to call 999 in Hermitage to report a potential M4 overbridge jumper, we made it back up to the top of Court Hill and into Wantage with the minimum of fuss, albeit with the northerly wind returning to give us something to struggle against. Good company and some solid riding, on what we agreed was rather a hilly ride - well done everyone.


Winter Evening Ride

 43 km  63 m  02:13  x3
Ride Category
I didn't think many would turn up to this ride after all the wet weather we had the previous 24 hours so I was glad to see Mike and Dave waiting patiently at the Alfred statue.

Due to wet roads and abundance of leaves I decided to cut the ride short by a bit at the start losing Denchworth and the Hanneys.

Dave had some battery issues with his headlight which we eventually got sorted and there were a few desperate stops for the call of nature which slowed us down a bit and lowered our average speed around the route. Apart from that the ride was pleasant and taken at a fair blue pace being cautious with the conditions on the roads.


Curry-allian Evening

The world has been put to rights... oh, and the food was rather excellent!