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Welcome Ride - Blewbury

 49 km  184 m  02:01  x15  x1
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Our biggest ride ever! Welcome to new riders Chris, Peter, Andrew, Tracey and Jasmine on her new bike - hope you all enjoyed the ride and will join us again.

We maintained a very tidy group through the Vale and picked up the Talbot clan just outside Sutton Courtenay, wending our way around the back of Didcot power station and town centre. Savages garden centre had a fete on the go when we got there, so there was plenty of BBQ smoke, and Lyn was the only one tempted by burgers (well, the only one tempted enough to buy one!)

The clouds were gathering so we scooted off, saying farewells to the Talbots at Upton, and maintaining a decent rate along the A417 into Wantage. The rain stayed nicely contained all the way back, with just a few spots to contend with.

Thanks everyone for a very chilled ride!